We’re putting climate change in Hong Kong front and center

By TEDxTinHauWomen Co-Founders, Jen Flowers & Daniella Lopez 

Hong Kong is home to us (Jen – she grew up here! and Daniella) for some years now. We love the energy and innovation that a city of such diversity delivers. Our famously cosmopolitan home is where east meets west, old meets new, and where people of all nationalities connect with each other. 

The city’s natural diversity sometimes surprises people – the shimmering high-rise superstructures of the Hong Kong skyline sit in a region that is actually 70% green spaces[1]; and our mountains, valleys, islands and seas are home to a huge diversity of plants and wildlife and offer spectacular views when hiking.

There was no question that we wanted to bring Countdown and the pressing issue of climate change to Hong Kong. And we are thrilled to be your hosts for our city.

Countdown is a TED global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. Communities around the world are coming together to build a better future and a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone.

Through TEDxTinHauWomen we’ve had an amazing platform to showcase some of the most passionate speakers and inspiring ideas. This year we are doing things a bit differently. Our annual women’s event will be postponed to 2021. Instead, Jen Flowers and Victoria Gilbert will lead a new event – TEDxTinHau Countdown – which will focus on the most pressing issue of our time, climate change. 

A 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen organising Team + family & friends hike day

Hong Kongers love to be outdoors, and this access to nature perhaps underlies recent survey results that revealed that 84% of Hong Kongers believe the impact of climate change would be big to their children and grandchildren[2]. And while this statistic is encouraging, it shows that we should be doing more now. 

The way that humans have been using the planet’s resources to live and work is causing unprecedented rises in temperature of the Earth’s surface and oceans. This climate change has wide-ranging effects on the planet’s ice, oceans, ecosystems, and biodiversity – basically, it impacts everything for humans and other beings that call the Earth home. 

We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.” 

This quote, cited by Barack Obama[3] and resonating with people around the world, demonstrates why Countdown is so important, so needed and so urgent. It is a motivating catalyst to the amazing team of volunteers who are planning TEDxTinHau Countdown.

To make the difference the world needs, everyone needs to be involved. We invite you to be a part of change with us this year. 

TEDxTinHau Countdown will take place in Hong Kong on Saturday, October 17th 2020. It will be a day of community activities, practical workshops and inspiring speakers with powerful messages about climate change.  More details on tickets and viewing to come later.

Mark your calendars, follow our dedicated TEDxTinHau Countdown Facebook account as well as the TEDxTinHauWomen InstagamTwitter and Facebook accounts, sign up for the TEDxTinHauWomen email updates and #JoinTheCountdown #CountdownHK. 

Together, we can change climate change.  

Thank you,

TEDxTinHauWomen Co-Founders and Co-Chairs, Jen and Daniella 

TEDxTinHau Countdown Co-Chairs, Jen and Victoria 

[1] https://www.greening.gov.hk/en/departments_greening_efforts/parks.html

[2] https://www.pori.hk/research-reports/2020/peoples-attitudes-towards-climate-change-eng

[3] Although it is often attributed to Obama, he was actually quoting someone else ‘As one of America’s governors has said, …’  https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2014/09/23/remarks-president-un-climate-change-summit

Author: TEDxTinHauWomen

TEDxTinHauWomen is the only annual TEDx event dedicated to women in Hong Kong.

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