A new theme, a new talk, a new venue and what really matters the most!!

Now that the world is slowly opening up and people are returning to normal activities, a glimmer of hope is back. As Hong Kong emerges from the days of gloom, we at TEDxTinHauWomen have chosen to go with an optimistic outlook for our event’s theme this year.

In the past year, even the most resilient amongst us felt out of sorts. Many of us, striving to balance our different roles, shared a common feeling of anxiety for what the future will hold. It has been an uphill battle. But like any good challenge, it forced us to persevere and gave us strength to persist. Importantly, it has given us a better understanding of ourselves and those around us.

Our theme this year takes inspiration from the idea that it is okay to feel the way you do and still find it in you to focus on what really counts – health, kindness, patience, empathy, enthusiasm, love and optimism. Our visuals too will depict a colourful illustrative approach, using creative doodles & shapes representing a wide range of emotions and experiences. They will primarily pivot around the sub themes of self care, purpose and perspective.

People say that if you look for the positive, you’ll find it. At the start of the year, we hoped that 2021 would provide us with an opportunity to strengthen our bonds in person. And here we are all set to deliver that to you. Our endeavour is to present conversations that are big on thoughts, prompting actions -which can collectively – make all the difference.

We took it upon ourselves to make this year bigger, better, braver. We received a tremendous response from our volunteers. Within days, we had our committees up and running. Our call for “Open Mic Auditions” gave us an overwhelming turnout – the largest we have seen so far. And the ideas and thoughts that they brought to the table were truly awe-inspiring.

The biggest surprise of all- we managed to get a dream venue- Xiqu Centre! A Big Yay!! We are very excited that the city’s prestigious new cultural hub will open its doors for us. Located on the eastern edge of the West Kowloon Cultural District, directly above Austin MTR station, the building’s striking design was inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns and blends traditional and contemporary elements to reflect the evolving nature of the art form. Even more impressive is the fact that it is designed to meet recognised sustainability standards and to reduce energy consumption. The perfect marriage of art and sustainability.

As we discussed a few weeks ago, this year’s theme is “What Matters Now?” We’re excited to see how it intertwines with our speakers’ presentations in such an esteemed venue.

So pencil us in on December 10, put that post-it on the fridge. We are promising you an evening with inspirational speakers, sponsored community zones and a great selection of vendors.

Watch the TEDxTinHauWomen ‘What Matters Now?’2021 talks.

We are truly inspired by our 10 eclectic, diverse and inspirational women who
will share their ideas worth spreading!

Louisa Awolaja, Shany, Cynthia Cheng, Chankalun, Puja Kapai, Mashiat Lamisa, Viv Kan, Maitreyi Karanth, Arcadia Kim, Rachel Moon!

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