TEDxTinHauWomen is the only annual TEDx event dedicated to women in Hong Kong. Our name, TEDxTinHauWomen, pays homage to Tin Hau – the Chinese Goddess of the Sea – and recognises Hong Kong’s unique coastal and spiritual history.

TEDxWomen events are TEDx events hosted around the live webcast of TEDWomen, and also feature local speakers. Our event is one of many TEDx events happening around the globe between November and December, that expanded on the ideas brought up at TEDWomen.

Our inaugural event was held in November 2017 and explored the theme of “Bridges – Two Become One” with a line up of local speakers and link to the global TEDWomen conference.

Last year on December 10th 2021, we held our fifth event and explored the idea of “What Matters Now”. We look forward to bringing you another great afternoon in 2022, with more amazing speakers with stories and ideas worth spreading.

Hong Kong is a city made up of cultural diversity so we believe there is no better place to explore and uncover some of its most inspirational people.

TEDxTinHauWomen是唯一一個專注香港女性議題的TEDx年度大會。組織的名字是特意向天后娘娘 – 中國東南沿海的女海神 – 致敬,並表彰香港獨特的沿海特質和民間信仰歷史。

TEDxWomen大會主要分為兩部分, 第一部分直播來自美國棕櫚泉TEDWomen的優秀演講,第二部分由本地頂尖思想家和行動家探討與女性相關的議題。香港的年度大會屬於全球同步發生的多個TEDx活動之一,致力於傳播TEDWomen提出的創新及別具價值的概念,推動社會進步。

Aerial view of Victoria harbour in sunrise
Dramatic skyline of Hong Kong Island and busy ships navigates across the Victoria Harbour during beautiful sunrise on a non air-polluted day.