2022 speaker vids

In 2022, we delighted in seeing our city come back to life; back in bloom, buzzing with energy and perseverance. In celebration of this new beginning, our talks echoed and answered the readiness for change we saw all around us. With unique backgrounds and expertise, our eight trailblazing speakers left us with ideas that inspired our own journeys of growth.

If you missed the talks, or want to experience them again, find six below — featuring Chinali Patel, Claudia Chanhoi, Irene Cheng, Jen Flowers, Christina Ho, Anna Robb, and Zaf Chow. One more is on its way!

Chinali Patel: Pangolins, Pills, and Payoffs
Claudia Chanhoi: Are Genitals Really Offensive?
Irene Cheng: Fantastic Plastic: Designing Our Way Out of Waste
Jen Flowers: Skeletons in the Closet
Christina Ho: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate
Anna Robb: What to do in an Emergency!
Zaf Chow: Web3.0 – Opening Doors to Equality