2020 speaker lineup

Our incredible speakers for 2020 focused on how we can change climate change.

For TEDxTinHau Countdown we brought together six speakers passionate about the planet and full of ideas on how we can all help Hong Kong champion and accelerate climate action solutions.

Watch the TEDxTinHau Countdown talks.

Meet Lance Lau

A youth climate activist

Lance is a 11 years old Chinese climate activist. He has been doing a climate strike every Friday to raise awareness about rising sea-levels and animal extinction. This movement is called Fridays for Future Hong Kong. He speaks for his generation and he hopes to inspire people to take drastic climate actions now.  

Meet Tanja Wessels

A writer, content creator, and artist

Tanja is a writer and social entrepreneur, putting environmentalism at the forefront of her work. Reflecting on personal experience and learnings from consumer behavior and existential psychology, she explores new mental models to best serve people and the planet, in a fast-changing world.

Meet Ollie Haas

A designer, engineer, and entrepreneur

Ollie is a sustainability nerd with an aviation problem (or vice-versa?) He is currently building a vision for the world’s most sustainable airline to help tackle the immense environmental impact of flying, and to inspire a groundswell movement toward sustainable travel. 

Meet Peggy Chan

A plant-forward chef-consultant

Peggy opened Grassroots Pantry in 2012 with a mission to raise awareness and knowledge on the benefits of plant-based cuisine. Emerging as the region’s most authoritative voice on organic sourcing, and sustainable food systems, Peggy developed Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy to help food service professionals understand how operational decisions affect the planet and its ecosystems. 

Meet Jonathan Cybulski

A historical and marine ecologist

Jonathan is a historical and marine ecologist, science communicator, and long-time athlete whose research aims to understand human influences on nature through time. Through his work, Jonathan hopes to accomplish one main goal: to humanize science and those who practice it, to foster understanding and appreciation for all. 

Meet Keilem Ng

A community environmental advocate

Keilem is a business person, social entrepreneur and an environmental advocate and is interested in communication and collaboration. She engages and activates individuals, communities and businesses in different ways to help them to uncover their own unique qualities, ideas and superpowers to incorporate love of the planet into their mainstream.