Looking for some inspiration? Watch talks from our events

Ideas worth spreading. Photo by Alex Macro

2021 : Theme – What Matters Now?

Talks from Louisa Awolaja, Shanty, Cynthia Cheng, Puja Kapai, Rachel Moon, Chankalun, Mashiat Lamisa, Viv Kan, Maitreyi Karanth and Arcadia Kim.

2020: Join The Countdown

Talks from Ollie Haas, Keilem Ng & Lance Lau, Tanja Wessels, Peggy Chan and Jonathan Cybulski.

2019: Bold & Brilliant*Without apologies

Talks from Dr. Angélica Anglés, Ritu Hemnani, Chi Chi Cheng, Jesamine Dyus, Valentina Tudose, Brenda Scofield and Gigi Chao.

2018 : Theme – Showing Up Now

Talks from Dr Rossa Chiu, AWEN, Jessie Lam, Verlebie Chan, Small Luk, Dr Zoe Fortune and Carmen Yau.

2017 : Theme – Bridges: Two Become One

Talks from Lucy Choi, Cristina Tahoces, Fiona Callanan-Thorsby, Hillary Yip and Liza Avelino.