Highlights from Last Year’s Event: Lucy Choi on Bridging Modern Society and Opera


As our November event inches closer, let’s throwback to last year’s event to give you a taste of what TEDxTinHauWomen has to offer. Our previous event, “Bridges: Two Become One” brought together a diverse cohort of Hong Kong women to bridge  different ideas and people. One of those women was Lucy Choi, who has uplifted  Opera in Hong Kong. Here’s a brief recap of her talk:

Lucy Choi is the founder of More Than Musical, a company that delivers modern adaptations of classical opera for audiences today. In her TEDx talk, she recalled her unexpected segway into the world of the opera, and how she turned her passion into a transformative career.

Gifted in music from a young age, Lucy pursued a degree in music at the Hong Kong University, with piano as her instrument. It was only when she suffered from an arm condition, preventing her from playing instruments, that she had to pivot into singing and opera. She was amazed by opera’s potential for emotional expression – how its songs could tell stories of love, sorrow, drama and pain. “Opera is a shared moment of joy and an escape from the world,” she said, “where can you get emotional, connected to strangers and be a part of something that’s bigger than yourself.”

Keen to further develop her interest in opera, Lucy moved to London where she often frequented shows in the West End. She noticed many of her fellow attendees were silver-haired, prompting her to ask – is opera just for old people? Historically, opera was known for challenging taboos and social norms, a spirit that Lucy was keen to bring back.

That’s when she founded More Than Musical, breaking down barriers between classical opera and contemporary audiences by producing shorter adaptations of classical opera to make the viewing experience easier and more intimate for audiences.

If there’s one thing to take away from Lucy’s talk, it’s this: “Open up our mind, and channel yourself into the arts, or whatever you may find transformational.”

Watch Lucy’s full talk here, and look out for more inspirational speakers at this year’s event!

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