Talks. Speed Stories. Podcasting.

Launched in 2018 and curated entirely by TEDxTinHauWomen, V-Pact started as an initiative to share stories through visuals and voice in a series of 90-second presentations shown during our conference to provide the audience with thought-provoking messages and inspirational calls to action.

Fast forward to 2021 and V-Pact has evolved into an immersive format offering our signature V-Pact talks but also speed stories and a podcast recording.

V-Pact Speed Stories

Join us for a new and impactful experience in between our TEDxTinHauWomen talks!

Life is full of knock-backs, knock-downs and knock-outs. Learn from our 6 inspiring Speed Story speakers how they survived, revived or thrived through life-changing experiences. Join them during the Break for a 5-minute speed session where you get to meet and chat.

Our V-Pact Speed Story Speakers

Betty Grisoni

Founder – NEO Transformation

I survived

I survived my mind and body – how I didn’t let depression and obesity take over.

At 49 years old, I was morbidly obese, an exterior sign of a hidden depression that didn’t heal. The pain was so great that suicide was an option to be finally free. After placing my head in a noose not once but twice and not being able to totally let go, I started a journey of recovery, healing and transformation. I am now a survivor of my mind that wanted to kill my body and I want to continue my journey by helping other women to find their path to healing and health. 

Carmen Lam

Deputy CEO – PathFinders

I thrived

I thrive for making the world a better place.

She returned to Hong Kong and worked in the non-profit sector for more than a decade helping thousands of migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers and individuals with mental disabilities, etc.  Carmen has extensive frontline experience and knowledge on international migration and social services in the States, Canada, and Hong Kong. Prior to joining PathFinders in 2013, Carmen assisted hundreds of refugee families at UNHCR as a Social Counsellor and Service Development Officer at Caritas in Hong Kong. She volunteered at the Salvation Army in Canada under a project of anti-human trafficking. She obtained her Masters in Social Work at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and BA in Social Work at Salisbury University, USA. Her favorite quote is “My Life is My Message” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Catherine Lumsden

Founder – Catherine’s Puppies Rescue Shelter Limited

I revived

I revive the fortunes of abandoned dogs.

In 2015 at 37 years old, I opened a small rescue in Sai Kung. I had no idea at the time the stress or hardships that meant, more so as we became more successful. To date we have homed well over 1000 dogs and we grow daily with followers on social media and the support we rely on. While talking about what we (Catherine’s Puppies) do is very important to raise awareness, I am not the most confident public speaker or self promoter, maybe that’s why I’m so comfortable with dogs!

Emily Tan

Health Coach & Educator, Founder – Tackling Minds Podcast

I survived

I survive in life – from cancer to suicide to sexual assault.

Health & Fitness professional on a mission to integrate physical, mental, emotional & sexual wellness through Mental Muscle Mafia & Tackling Minds podcast – a dream timeline brought forward since a cancer diagnosis in 2018, and an awakened healing journey from sexual assault, suicide & all that comes with life-threatening moments ever since.

Fyiona Yong

Intergenerational Leadership Coach (ICF ACC) – Wholistic Coachsulting Limited

I thrived

I thrive for creating a generationally and culturally inclusive environment.

“I am a banana – yellow on the outside and white on the inside. I’m a German citizen born in Malaysia with my passport issued in Hong Kong! At work, I was labeled a Diversity Token!”

As a certified Leadership Coach and Third Culture Individual, Fyiona’s mission is to bridge the generational gap and be the glue between the Western and Asian culture. 

She spent 14 years working in the male dominated and traditional oil and gas industry in Germany, UK and Hong Kong and struggled to feel a true sense of belonging. Feeling like a misfit for most of her life, she finally managed to find herself by understanding that “home” is not a country and by learning how to transform her adversities into advantages. 

Jessica Hulton

Senior Digital Strategist – The New Normal Charity

I survived

I revived through connecting with others.

Losing my Dad to cancer during the pandemic came with its own complications. I tried to find counselling through the public system in the UK to help me make sense of my emotions but wait times are long unless you find yourself in a crisis. I investigated private therapy, and that too felt out of reach, given the price.

I found The New Normal Charity’s free grief support meetings and started attending. I soon realised that all I needed was someone to tell me they had felt the same, and that it would get better. I started to work for the charity to help others find safe spaces to speak about their grief and mental health. When I moved to Hong Kong, I dreamed of bringing the charity out here with me. What I quickly realised is that the challenges we face accessing mental health and grief support are global.