Get Excited! We have a great line up of speakers for this year , putting their Bold & Brilliant self forward without apologies

Gigi Chao

Gigi is an accomplished architect (and helicopter pilot!) who was thrusted into the spotlight in 2012 when she turned down her father’s HKD500M dowry offer to any man who could walk her down the aisle. The complication?  She is a lesbian already in a long term relationship. Since then, Gigi co-founded Hong Kong Marriage Equality, an NGO that aims to eliminate discrimination and bring equality to LGBTI in Hong Kong.


Jesamine Dyus

Jesamine is a hip hop hobbyist and spoken-word poet – specializing in slam poetry (i.e. where the poet reads their poems without props, costumes, or music).  Self proclaimed “single since the dawn of time” she happily swims forth through “the currents of scorn and unsolicited advice monologues” that friends and non-friends offer on her relationship status. When not politicizing, she works in hospitality in Hong Kong and was previously an English teacher and dance coach.

Ritu Hemnani

Ritu is an author, journalist, teacher and voice actor who promotes inclusiveness and diversity through her writing. Her children’s book seeks to educate on the challenges, risks and opportunities of migrants in the hope to nurture both awareness and empathy. As an ethnic Indian and British national who calls Hong Kong home, she happily celebrates all three cultures for their rich heritage and influence on her personal journey.  

Dr. Angélica Anglés

Angélica is a planetary scientist, astrobiologist, astrophysicist (and pianist) who’s research is centred around the search for extraterrestrial life on Mars. By travelling to and studying places here on Earth which are similar to Mars, such as the world’s highest desert in Tibet, the Pilbara in Australia or the hot springs of New Zealand, she finds important clues. Thanks to her research she was part of the landing site selection team for the next NASA mission Mars 2020.

Valentina Tudose

Valentina’s fascination with the mystery of love led her to become a relationship coach, specializing in open relationships. Centering on self-love as the foundation of everything, her coaching evolved from working with people searching for a soul mate, to people who’d already found a partner but somehow found that love was not enough to live ‘happily ever after’. 

Brenda Scofield 

Brenda is a former Head of Drama, the one time owner of Fetish Fashion and minority sexuality activist, a certified counsellor and a promoter of opera and chamber music through a family foundation. She edits and contributes to magazines and is a board member of a suicide prevention NGO.

Chi Chi Cheng

Chi Chi is a multi-disiplinary artist who constantly questions what is discipline. Through incorporating a diverse range of “disciplines” in her practice, her works reflects on years of internal negotiations on identity, cultural ambiguity, human connections and universal consciousness. She constantly experiments with mixing different medium such as food, participatory art, performance, sounds, installations, paintings and videos, inviting viewers to question what is art and the role of art in our daily lives.