Marketing and Communications Team – 2018

The team and what they are showing up now! For….

Daniella Lo

Daniella Lopez
Head of Marketing and communications
…to be a better version of myself and to myself.

Joanna Yau

Joanna Yau
Community Manager
…because I want to be somebody; the somebody who can bring energy and make the world a better and happier place.


Jaki Speirs
Print Content Manager
…to be part of something meaningful, surround myself with smart women, learn and spread ideas.

Lisa Rehak

Lisa Rehak
Digital Mistress
…to see, share, and experience the positive forces of TEDxTinHauWomen.

Nikki Stones

Nikki Stones
Creative Director
…in support of those who have the passion, belief and dedication to stand up and tell their stories in order to help others.


Preema Kabir
Facebook Content Manager
…to be present, mindful, listen actively and engage with the people around me in a meaningful way.

Rossena Lau

Roseanne Lau
Speaker Content Manager
…for every woman who is the protagonist of her own story and sharing the narrative with this community.


Sowjanya Gummella
UX Geek
…because every small step counts and makes a difference.

Yan Xing

Yan Xing
Website Manager
…because sometimes it’s the most important part of making a change.


Yvonne Chan
Marketing Outreach Manager & Chinese Translations
…for a community that empowers women to speak up and educate others why gender inequality affects both sexes.


Becky Kirkcaldie
Design Director
…for all the quiet but not so little things. Support, perseverance, empathy and loyalty.


Julia Broad
Headshot & Event Photographer
…for women. We are at the precipice of enormous change, and together we are mighty.

Nikita - 1

Nikita Agrawal
Digital Content Manager
…to get inspired and celebrate women in Hong Kong

Rachel Lim Yun Shi

Rachel Lim Yun Shi
Media Planner
…for myself. Showing up at work to do better each day. Showing up at home for my family irregardless.

Emily Cheng
Location Photographer