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We are looking for sponsors!

Another great evening of organisation and focus on the upcoming #TEDxTinHauWomen event! We have great news and secured our venue at The Cube in PMQ, the heritage site of The Former Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters. It’s a great space and we are really looking forward to creating an exciting, inspiring and memorable event for you all!
PMQ is our venue for TEDxTinHauWomen!

We are looking for sponsors! From corporate packages to food sponsorship on the day, we have many opportunities for you to support us and get involved!  Please contact us on our website or via Facebook and title SPONSORSHIP! 

Last but not least, in the near future we will inform you on when and where you can get your hand on these hot tickets, but for now.. like our page, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and spread the word!

An Exciting Start!

Welcome to our TEDxTinHauWomen blog, our aim is to be updating this on a regular basis as a ‘behind the scenes’ documented look at the what we are creating for TEDxWomenTinHau. Meet the team, start networking, become a sponsor! There are so many ways you can get involved, feel free to contact us to see how you or your company can support this event.

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It’s been a great start for TEDxTinHauWomen. So far we have a fabulous team of women from different backgrounds, who have volunteered their time and expertise to get this event up and running. We have found a beautiful venue and can’t wait to share that news with you, once the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed!

Our last meeting was turned into a photography studio for an hour or so, where we had a great photoshoot for the committee profile pics, so soon you will be able to see all of the faces behind the names.

Last but not least, a note on SPEAKERS!… TEDxTinHauWomen have been approached by some amazing speakers and we are so excited by them and their stories… so watch this space for more details on who will be speaking at the event!