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The secret to a great talk? Great coaching

Behind the scenes our speakers have been busy writing, re-writing, practicing and repeating their upcoming talks. But they aren’t doing that alone. They are supported by our seriously awesome set of coaches!  Coaches play a big role. They conduct regular meetings with speakers to help them in:

  • Writing, timing & tweaking a talk that flows engagingly
  • Capturing the audience even in the first few words of the talk
  • Zen-style’n the visuals
  • Providing tips and tricks for memorizing the words
  • Training the speaker to own the stage confidently – even when the speakers heart pumps with adrenaline

We would like to give special thanks to our amazing coaches, who generously volunteered their time to prepare our speakers for such a huge event.  They have been invaluable to TEDxTinHauWomen and our speakers.

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See you Dec 6 at the TEDxTinHauWomen event

(NOTE: tickets are now sold out).   

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Written by: Lisa on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

Common struggles women have but don’t talk about

TEDxTinHauWomen conducted an internal survey around common struggles that women face.  By sharing our personal experiences alongside these results we hope to shed some light on these otherwise private struggles – and suggest what we can do to change it.

Let’s talk about the elephants in the room. Yes, you read that correctly – elephants, plural. As women, we share common struggles that are rarely spoken about openly due to fear, shame, and/or embarrassment.  TEDxTinHauWomen conducted a survey with their internal planning committee to shed some light on these otherwise private struggles.  Results from an internal survey the TEDxTinHauWomen committee completed showed:

  • Nearly 72%* of women have experienced being called bossy or bitchy by a male for simply being assertive (i.e. speaking up).
  • 50%* of women are concerned about re-entering the workforce after having a family or career break
  • Nearly 79%* of women were asked to do something simply because they are female such as being asked to be in front of men to ‘lure’ them in or close deals.

My personal experiences are inline with these struggles. My very first part-time job was at a fast food chain. It was an incredible way to learn about the efficiencies of this successful brand and the operations behind it. I was asked to be a cashier simply because I was female. But I wanted to work in the back kitchen because I loved to work quickly. It was like a game to me, to push out correct orders as fast and efficient as possible. I was told no, “girls should be at the front because they are more attractive to people.” I was 14 years old at the time, and shocked to hear this reasoning.

Relatedly, according to research conducted by The Women’s Foundation, the gender pay gap in Hong Kong is 22% which is worse than it was 10 years ago. We often think that if we work hard enough, the hard work will pay off in remuneration. Unfortunately Hong Kong pay gap data suggests this is not always the case.

How can we eliminate these struggles? One step is to discuss these issues more openly. Don’t have the right people around to discuss it? Surround yourself with others. Join a community, such as TEDxTinHauWomen. We are aiming to cultivate both women and men to create a stronger and more inclusive community, where we can share our stories and inspire others

Tickets for the Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen  

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Written by: Camille Or on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

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Announcing 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen speakers

Summary: TEDxTInHauWomen have curated six incredible speakers (plus a special performance) for the Dec 6, 2019 Bold & Brilliant event. Read on for details. 

An Inheritance Worth Sharing – Ritu Hemnani

Ritu Hemnani

What is your true inheritance? Pearls and rubies sitting in a bank vault? A promised apartment? Those dashing dimples in your cheek from mum? Storyteller Ritu Hemnani takes us on her journey in search of her migrant family’s long buried history.  Digging deep into our family narratives can help us understand ourselves and give our children the seeds of resilience, courage and hope. Our true inheritance grows when it is shared widely and generously.

Ritu is an author, journalist, teacher and voice actor who promotes inclusiveness and diversity through her writing. Her articles and stories have been published in the SCMP, Asian Literary Review and Reader’s Digest. Ritu is the Director of Heritage Publishing Ltd and her children’s book, Gope and Meera – A Migration Story, seeks to foster awareness and empathy for  migrants in our communities.

In search of Life on Mars – Dr. Angélica Anglés

Dr. Angélica Anglés

As a child, Angélica and her grandfather would look at the night sky together, looking for bright stars and planets. Her love for space led her to pursue a global career in Planetary Exploration. In this talk, Angélica will share what can be learned from planetary exploration and why she is  committed to searching for extraterrestrial life on Mars.

Angélica is a planetary scientist, astrobiologist, astrophysicist (and pianist) whose research is centred around the search for extraterrestrial life on Mars. By travelling to and studying places here on Earth which are similar to Mars – such as the world’s highest desert in Tibet, the Pilbara in Australia or the hot springs of New Zealand – she has uncovered important clues. Due to her research she was part of the landing site selection team for the next NASA mission Mars 2020.

A Billion dollar dowry, 10,000 suitors and a love that cannot be celebrated – Gigi Chao

Gigi Chao

Marriage is the ultimate public demonstration of two people’s commitment to each other. Despite recent recognition around the world, marriage equality lags behind in Hong Kong. In this talk, Gigi will talk about her experience with marriage and how individuals, and Hong Kong, can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for same sex couples — allowing them their rite of passage.

Gigi is an accomplished architect who was thrust into the spotlight in 2012 when she turned down her father’s dowry offer of 500 million HKD –  later doubled to 1 billion – to any man who could walk her down the aisle. The complication? She’s a lesbian already in a long-term relationship. Since then Gigi co-founded Hong Kong Marriage Equality, an NGO that aims to eliminate discrimination and bring equality to LGBTI in Hong Kong.

How I Found The Meaning of Fortune Through Art – Chi Chi Cheng

Chi Chi Cheng

Growing up in Hong Kong where fortunate meanings are hidden everywhere, Chi Chi often questions the meaning of “fortune”. How can we appreciate our ancestors while also questioning their traditions in order to evolve? Chi Chi will help us discover how art can reconnect us to our authentic selves by reflecting on our roots and heritage and recalling our own moments of fortune.

Chi Chi is a multi-disciplinary artist questioning “discipline”. She has commissioned artwork for SCMP, performed for Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and the Arts and is working on Hacking Capitalism – Socially Engaged Art Through Alternative Art Economies and Entrepreneurship with artist Kingsley Ng. Formerly a hotelier working across four continents, her art reflects a culmination of years of internal negotiations on identity, cultural ambiguity and human connections. 

Embracing Unconditional Love – Valentina Tudose

Valentina Tudose

Some say the most beautiful human emotion is unconditional love, yet most love stories come with conditions. ‘I’ll love you if you love me back, if you only choose me and me alone’. We all seek that deep connection that makes us feel special and unique, safe and totally accepted. But beyond this premise of exclusivity, is it possible in real life that we can choose to love unconditionally? In this talk, Valentina will challenge you to rethink how you approach relationships and love without expectations.

Valentina’s fascination with the mystery of love led her to become a relationship coach to help people redefine their romantic expectations and experience a different level of intimacy.  With unconditional love and freedom as the foundation, her coaching evolved from working with people searching for a soul mate, to people who’d already found a partner.

Old & Bold- An Alternative Journey Through Life – Brenda Scofield

Brenda Scofield

Society expects women to conform to labels throughout their lives. But what does it mean to embrace yourself, regardless of labels and no matter your age? In this talk, Brenda will share insights from her personal reconciliation with ageing, and encourage the audience to be bold at any age.

Since arriving in Hong Kong in 1977, Brenda has had many professional experiences. She is a former Head of Drama, the one time owner of Hong Kong’s most famous sex shop Fetish Fashion, minority sexuality activist, a certified counsellor and a promoter of opera and chamber music through a family foundation. She edits and contributes to magazines and is a board member of a suicide prevention NGO.

The poet in all of us – reimagining the classic fairy tale – Jesamine Dyus  (special performance)

Jesamine Dyus

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White: imprisoned princesses rescued by their Prince Charming. In this spoken word performance, Jesamine uses her own unique voices to break free from the crystal coffin, slay fiery dragons, and smash the glass slipper. She re-imagines femininity as exuberant and unrestrained, so we can all write our own happily ever after – without apologies. 

As a performing artist, Jesamine brings her experiences as a spoken word poet, dance teacher, and hip hop enthusiast to stage. Self-proclaimed “single since the dawn of time,” she happily swims forth through “the currents of scorn and unsolicited advice monologues” that others offer on her relationship status. When not poeticizing with Peel Street Poetry and Spill Stories, she works in hospitality and was previously an English teacher and dance coach. 

Tickets for Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen    

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Where does the name “Tin Hau” come from?

People often wonder why the name TEDxTinHauWomen? Learn about the history of Tin Hau (the “Empress of Heaven”) and what it means to our committee.

People often wonder why the name TEDxTinHauWomen? Where does it come from?

Selecting the name TEDxTinHauWomen pays homage to the Chinese Goddess of the Sea, Tin Hau. According to legend, a young, kindhearted, and brave Chinese woman named Lin Mo Niang possessed special gifts, including the abilities to forecast weather and heal people. She lived with her family of fisherman in Fujian during the Song Dynasty. When she was a teenager, her brothers and father were at sea during a particularly treacherous typhoon that she knew they would not survive. In some folklore, Lin Mo Niang prayed and fell into a trance during the typhoon to save them, while in other folklore they say she swam out to sea during the typhoon to find her family members. In either case, those who survived the storm returned to the village to share their miraculous tale. 

After Lin Mo Niang’s death, people believed she rose to heaven as a goddess because of her many courageous and benevolent acts during her life. Sailors and seafarers reported seeing her spirit guide them from shipwreck to safety on several occasions, and eventually, seaside villages in Southern China and Southeast Asia began recognizing her as a deity, who protects sailors and fisherman from the perils of the sea, bestowing on her the name Tin Hau, or “Empress of Heaven”.

Because Hong Kong was historically a fishing village, Tin Hau is highly revered. More than 100 Tin Hau temples line its historical coastline. For her worshippers, Tin Hau uniquely embodies compassion and bravery simultaneously. So, what’s in a name? As an organization of 60+ women, TEDxTinHauWomen aims to live up to what Tin Hau means to people in Hong Kong and by doing so, inspire others to act with compassion and bravery for what they care about and believe in most. Like Tin Hau, TEDxTinHauWomen will become a symbol of what women can do. 

Tickets for Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen    

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Written by: Floria on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

Who is Bold & Brilliant in your life?

Here are some examples of bold & brilliant women that TEDxTinHau committee members admire and why. They people who inspire us may not be celebrities, but deserve as much respect for all the work they’ve done in the world.

Look around you and you will see female role models in plentiful supply. In 2019, women are more bold and brilliant than they’ve ever been. Women have the power and ability to transform an entire generation. However, you don’t have to have won a nobel peace prize to be bold and brilliant in our eyes. We asked our committee who they thought were bold and brilliant people.

Unsurprisingly, what we heard back were triumphant stories about women in our everyday lives. They weren’t rich celebrities – they were women who had guided another woman, who had offered a shoulder to cry on, or who became the positive link in the family chain; they broke the status quo, they were vulnerable and they were bold.

Mothers came out on top. More than 70% of responses cited their mother to be the most bold & brilliant person in their life. Despite the proliferation of technology that has facilitated opportunities for influence by those beyond immediate family and friendship structures, younger generations report being even more influenced by their mothers than older generations. Mothers are not only nurturers and supporters but for the majority of our committee, they are also the biggest life-shapers. So here’s a big shout out to all the mums out there!

We also had some of our team members highlight not people, but charities that they felt were bold & brilliant – those based in Hong Kong that give back to those who need it most; along with friends that were the epitome of kind; sex educators who gave us confidence to be ourselves (and enjoy it!); along with Brené Brown, research and author, who finds power in the vulnerable.

One story stood out most was that of a courageous friend:

A woman who got married to satisfy her family and culture, but unfortunately the man she committed herself to ended up abusing her for 7 years. She was forced by her ex-husband to gain excessive weight, and dress poorly so no other men would be interested in her. For years, she kept silent, because he threatened to ruin her life should she speak. But one day, she was bold and made that call to the police. She now dedicates her time to help those who also face domestic abuse.

Women are incredible, they persevere, they’re bold and quite simply, brilliant. Hear more incredible stories from other bold and brilliant women on December 6.

Tickets for the Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen  

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Written by: Kara Barclay on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

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TEDxTinHauWomen: From a male’s viewpoint

We speak to Jack, one of TEDxTinHauWomen’s male volunteers, to hear about his experience and views on equality. Read on to learn more.

Meet Jack. Jack is from the UK and works as a consultant in Hong Kong. I met up with him to discuss his involvement with TEDxTinHauWomen and what it meant to him: He’s volunteered at both the 2017 and 2018 TEDxTinHauWomen events as a goodie bag stuffer, security and general support throughout the event. Jack emphasised that despite our events being female-led and orientated, he’s always felt welcome and included. Whilst he notes the value of the network and community, he finds there’s nothing he enjoys more than the actual talks.

He referenced two speakers who were particularly memorable for him, and of which he still references today:

  • From 2017, Fiona Callanan-Thorsby and her Living Life to the Fullest talk. Jack shared that her 2004 tsunami survival story left a lasting impression. And what she’s achieved through fundraising and as an advocate for disability services in Asia is particularly impressive.
  • From 2018, Dr. Zoe Fortune and her Showing Up for your Mental Health talk. A focus on mental disorders and depression highlighted the importance of wellness for Jack and something he thinks we should all be aware of.

Jack continues to speak about the value of women and equality in the workplace, “I work for a large organisation and when I look at them globally, they’re certainly hitting their equality goals in places, but there’s always progress to be made. Businesses should promote equality and diversity for the different perspectives that result from it. I think equality not only elevates women but can enable positive changes for men as well. One day, when I have kids, I would like to have the option to take more time off to spend with them, and if we were to shift mindsets, erase stereotypes and encourage cultural changes in gender roles this would be achievable.”

“Most of my office is female, and most of my managers have been too. It’s not really out of the ordinary for me, and I think this has a lot to do with my mum. She’s always been the one who brings home the bacon. It has never been unusual for me to see women in leadership roles. We moved around to follow her career, but it worked because it was always a discussion and a partnership between my parents.”

Jack’s openness and ease on the topic of equality are a testament to his upbringing and his mother. He affectionately and undoubtedly shares that his mother was and is a strong role model in his life – “I’ve always noted the level of respect and admiration she receives at every company she has been a part of, and at its core it really stems from the fact that she is remarkably good at what she does.”

He also notes that Lady Hale has had a significant influence on him – and someone who he thinks is a great role model. So, who is she? Dubbed the “Beyoncé” of the legal profession. Lady Hale is the UK’s first female head of the supreme court, having taken up the role in October 2017. She has long been breaking down barriers in the judiciary, which has struggled to cast off the perception it is an old boys’ club, overwhelmingly white, male and public-school educated. She has been outspoken throughout her career about sexism in the judiciary and lack of diversity more broadly.

Jack first learnt of Hale during his time at University when he studied Law. His family law curriculum had a strong focus on her cases, “She simply has fantastic judgements that anyone can understand, and she has taken her training as a family law judge and applied it within the Supreme Court, which has allowed her to bring a necessary sense of empathy to her role.”

So, how do we get more women like Hale in leadership positions? “It’s all about mindset. To gain equality anywhere, it’s about shifting mindset and thinking logically. It’s not just about equality, it’s about being open and more fluid about our definition of gender roles. There is a clear benefit to greater diversity and equality in everything we do, whether it be gender, race, social class, etc.”

“There is always more work to be done. Hong Kong has made progress, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop. Standard maternity and paternity leave are not where they should be. There is some negativity around inclusion, diversity, but the more clarity and information we have on benefits and rights, the better. It’s a discussion to keep having.” We couldn’t agree more, Jack!

It’s support like Jacks that really help our TEDxTinHauWomen events come to life. If you’d like to volunteer, please get in touch with the TEDxTinHauWomen Committee.

Tickets for the Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen  

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Interviews and gathered by: Kara Barclay on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

The thoughts represent Jack and are reflective of his opinions while being interviewed as part of our organization’s support team

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How attending TEDxTinHauWomen influenced me

One of our committee members decided to leave her job after hearing Tricia Yap’s inspiring talk at 2017 TEDxTinHauWomen. 

The year was 2017. I was working in a big consultancy. I had my head down and knew that hard work would eventually pay off. Anyone who has worked in a big consulting firm knows the hours, the demands, the sweat and the tears. If you don’t know, try following @CrazyMgmtCons on Instagram. They pull together user-generated moans and groans from consultants around the world and have rebranded alcohol to be “PPT Jooz”. Enough said. 

That winter, I went to the TEDxTinHauWomen event. I enjoyed all the speakers, but it wasn’t until Tricia Yap walked on stage that I felt I was really hearing any of it. Her talk was about “What happens when life as you knew it, isn’t going the way you planned?” and that’s exactly how I felt. Tricia told her story and I felt like she was telling mine, except I hadn’t reached my happy ending – yet! She worked in a big 4 consultancy, like me; she was going crazy with her work hours, like me; she had her heart broken by the one person she didn’t think would, like me; but she broke free and lived her life the way she wanted… unlike me. 

Tricia left her demanding consulting life and has since co-founded Warrior Academy and she’s also the Director of Fitness for HK’s progressive wellness gym, Goji Studios. Her first startup in Hong Kong was Bikini Fit, which was a female only health and wellness community. Her vision is to empower women through challenging and re-defining their understanding of health and fitness, and at the same time, providing a positive and supportive community for women who want to change their lives.

I’m the first to admit, I’m not the fittest woman in any room. I didn’t want to go into fitness, but I did want to re-ignite the spark in myself, and find my passion. So after a few months of contemplating, and a few encouraging words from friends, I left my job. Now this isn’t a fairytale story; I ended up somewhere where I was less happy. But life’s a lesson and I learnt it. I’ve since started up my own blog, I’m in a job I love and I’m on the TEDxTinHauWomen committee – I mean hello? Jackpot! 

So, I encourage you to ask yourself if the life you’re living is what you want? If not, try something else. If you’re lost and don’t know what you want, I highly encourage you to join our next event and listen to the bold & brilliant women who will be speaking. Who knows what golden nuggets you’ll receive. 

Tickets for the Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen   

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Written by: Kara Barclay on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

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Our Bold & Brilliant committee


We’re all about enabling positive change, inspiring action, addressing difficult issues, and moving communities forward. And it couldn’t happen without our brilliant committee. Read more about the amazing women behind the event. 

It’s not the first year (and it won’t be the last), that showed great strides for women all over the world. From the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team FIFA World Cup Win, to Captain Marvel, and Jacinda Arden. The message we’re getting: women uniting, being inclusive, bold, compassionate and genuine – and brilliant – succeed.

While it’s thrilling to see the energy and excitement around women’s leadership, the reality is, women have been practicing these behaviours, doing amazing things, and making global contributions for centuries. And that is what TEDxTinHauWomen is all about: enabling positive change, inspiring action, addressing difficult issues, and moving communities forward. Our 2019 committee is more inspiring and diverse than ever. A collection of 50 women, each with different passions and ambitions, from bankers to artists during their 9-5 job to volunteers, defenders of asylum seekers and disadvantaged minorities, and mums. Our team has it all. Learn about why some of our team joined the committee this year:

  • “I like that the TEDxTinHauWomen committee is a level playing field where brilliant minds unite and people come out of their comfort zone to share their ideas – without apologies – and thrive together, boldly.”
  • “I want to make the world a better place and make women feel more confident in whatever they choose to do.”  
  • “I’m a passionate, creative person who wants to see good and do good in this world and learn from the best! I love finding purpose and strive to empower people to spread kindness and general human empathy.”

We believe that connecting women worldwide by taking them on a journey will manifest the immense power of females united. Join us on December 6, learn about the women of our community and hear ideas worth sharing.

Tickets for the Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen   

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Written by: Kara Barclay on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

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The benefits of sponsoring TEDxTinHauWomen

On December 6th, TEDxTinHauWomen will host a line-up of inspiring speakers – drivers of social, cultural, industrial and personal innovation – to share their stories with 650 women and men. As a TEDxTinHauWomen Partner, you have an opportunity to test your ideas for the future, and positively impact your community and the planet in new ways. Read more to see how you can get involved. 

Hong Kong’s most impassioned TEDxTinHauWomen enthusiasts will come together this coming December 6th, for the 3rd edition of TEDxTinHauWomen. Fascinating speakers will share their viewpoints on “Bold + Brilliant *without apologies”. Our speakers and event tackle humanity’s toughest questions, attempting to answer them with innovation, enterprise and enduring optimism. The event is designed to unite and celebrate, educate and inspire.

TEDxTinHauWomen events not only highlight the development and contribution of women in Hong Kong, but also presents a safe space for people from all walks of life to come and enjoy stimulating talks and forward-thinking and innovative people from the community to discuss important topics and new ideas worth spreading.

As a partner in support of TEDxTinHauWomen, you have an opportunity to test your ideas for the future, and be challenged to positively impact your community and the planet in new ways. Learn more about TEDx Partners here (https://tedxtinhauwomen.com/partners/2018-event-partners/).  By joining us, you become part of the global TEDx community while supporting and promoting women across Hong Kong.

Whilst our Diamond Sponsors have been snapped up, there’s still opportunity for you to be involved in the form of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorships.  In addition to these sponsorships, there are numerous ways you can participate through in-kind donations such as food & beverage, raffle gifts, goody bags and more. For further information, please email sponsorship@TEDxTinHauWomen.com for more information on being an official 2019 partner. 

The 3rd Annual TEDxTinHauWomen on 30.11.18 was a sold-out success! Thank you to the community, our partners, experience providers, volunteers, and speakers for #ShowingUpNow!. TEDxTinHauWomen would not be able to bring ideas worth sharing to Hong Kong without the support of the 50 volunteers, 600 attendees and  sponsors such as BAML, A&O, JPM, Coca Cola, Retykle and a great mix of corporates, NGOs and entrepreneurs that made the event possible. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s #TEDxTinHauWomen #BoldAndBrilliant #WithoutApology on December 6 at Sky 100! 

To be a 2019 sponsor, please email sponsorship@TEDxTinHauWomen.com 

Tickets for the Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen    

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NOW Available! Early bird tickets for TEDxTinHauWomen

Summary: Early bird tickets are now available for Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen annual event (HKD 400). To secure your seat for TEDxTinHauWomen: Bold & Brilliant *without Apologies event, visit http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen.

TEDxTinHauWomen, a women-dedicated TEDx community in Hong Kong, will return with a TEDWomen live-stream session, live talks and performances at Sky 100 in Kowloon on December 6 from 1pm-7pm. The TEDxTinHauWomen program is designed to showcase women and girls as changemakers and innovators in Hong Kong, as well as provide a platform for sharing ideas important to the community.

Early bird tickets are now available to purchase for HKD 400 for the TEDxTinHauWomen annual event. To secure your seat at this year’s TEDxTinHauWomen: Bold & Brilliant *without Apologies event, please click here:  http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen

This year’s event is inspired by the idea of us all being very different people with varying perspectives and views on the world. Being bold takes courage, being brilliant takes others to believe in something collectively, we all have the power to make change. Everyone is capable of brilliance, it takes courage to be bold and to encourage others to shine. Don’t apologize for your brilliance. Audience members will be inspired to be Bold and Brilliant *without apologies.

Previous speakers at last year’s sold-out event TEDxTinHauWomen “Showing Up Now” 2018 included

  • Showing Up for Mental Health – Dr Zoe Fortune, CEO of City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong
  • Showing Up in Music – Awen (Lucille Kante), performer
  • How children Can Lead Social Impact –  Joyce Samoutou, Founding Director of New Sight Eye Care
  • Why I keep a sex diary (and you should too) – Carmen Yau, Registered Social Worker and Founder of Sugar’s XXX Stories

#TEDxTinHauWomen #BoldAndBrilliant #WithoutApology

Tickets for the Dec 6, 2019 TEDxTinHauWomen event: http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen   

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