Our Committee : 2017

The team behind the grand success of our inaugural event in 2017


Leadership Team
Jen FlowersJennifer Flowers Co-Chair, TEDx Licensee,Head of Operations




Bio_Pics _0010_Stefanie MyersStefanie Myers Co-Chair, Head of Curation and Community




Bio_Pics _0024_Daniella LopezDaniella Lopez – Head of Marketing and Communications




Bio_Pics _0019_Emma BurtonEmma Burton – Committee Chief Operations Officer




Operations&Sponsorship Team
Curation Team
Marketing&Communication Team

 Committee – 2017

Alicia LuiAlicia Lui




Bio_Pics _0023_Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams




Belinda Esterhammer

Belinda Esterhammer




Bio_Pics _0008_Cecilia McKenzieCecilia McKenzie




Bio_Pics _0022_Celia B. Schlesier

Célia Berkouk-Schlesier




Bio_Pics _0021_Charmaine Mirandilla

Charmaine Mirandilla




Bio_Pics _0007_Connie Chen .jpgConnie Chen




Bio_Pics _0018_Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson




Bio_Pics _0006_Faye Hugo

Faye Hugo




Bio_Pics _0017_Frankie Shellim.jpgFrankie Shellim




Bio_Pics _0016_Gwen Faure.jpg

Gwen Faure




Bio_Pics _0015_Jane LamJane Lam




Janine Mannings

Janine Manning




Bio_Pics _0013_Jennie LaiJennie Lai




Bio_Pics _0012_Jess WestJess West




Jo Hayes

Jo Hayes




Karen SeeKaren See




LizLiz McRae




Bio_Pics _0005_Lulla HokholtLulla Hokholt




Mairi McInnesMairi McInnes





Mary Rezek




Mia Williams

Mia Williams




Nikki ANicola Apostolis




Bio_Pics _0004_Nicole McDonald.jpgNicole McDonald




Bio_Pics _0003_Nikki Stones.jpgNikki Stones




Bio_Pics _0002_Regina Larko.jpgRegina Larko




Bio_Pics _0009_Theresa KoTheresa Ko




Bio_Pics _0001_Victoria Gilbert.jpgVictoria Gilbert




Yan XingYan Xing





Official Photographer


Julia Broad





Special Thanks To –

Richard Hsu, Curator, Creative Director, TEDxShanghai, TEDx Ambassador to China Nancy Pon, Chair, TEDxPuxi