We have a date! Mark your calendars for December 1!

Wow, time sure does fly. It feels like just yesterday we were wrapping up our 2021 event and it’s already time to start planning for the next. Yes, the process of regrouping and realigning for another edition of TEDxTinHauWomen has begun. And there are some changes you will see in this year’s event at Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon District – familiar faces giving way to new and some ideas getting defined.

This year our super energetic co-chair, Daniella Lopez, will lead the team from front along with Victoria Gilbert as our new co-chair. We’re also thankful to have Martine McKenna-Hoeg join our leadership team this year as the Head of Curation, bringing with her years of experience and flair from hosting TEDx Wanchai! And among the new faces is the strong steady hand of the old pros of our leadership team – Camille Or (Chief Co-ordination Officer), Caroline Tosswill (Head of Partnerships) and Elena Collins (Head of Creative) who are working tirelessly towards bringing another electrifying event and leading a team of 50+ volunteers!

Having new additions in the leadership team is not the only change that has transpired in the last few months. We have been very consciously pushing the envelope on three key elements – community, networking, and sustainability – in our events. This year we are taking this a notch up and cementing them as the key pillars of TEDxTinHauWomen events.

Commenting on the Community pillar of TEDxTinHauWomen, Daniella Lopez, said that “Our local community is the very essence of our events. We are a community-driven organization – our band of volunteers can vouch for it and so can our local partners and sponsors who are fully invested in our mission and are proud to have their brand aligned to our goals. And last but not the least, we are proud to bring together a community of trailblazers as speakers with inspirational thoughts and ideas. Everything you experience in our events is a testament to thriving, like-minded communities, with a conscious focus on making a difference.”

Through our events, we spotlight, not just our select speakers but also our community members — be it NGOs, local entrepreneurs, social impact organizations. “It’s important for us to provide a space for engagement and conversations between our guests, our speakers, and the local entrepreneurs and NGOs that make up our community. Our fair experience provides a platform, a chance to learn more about their stories, their impact and build a bond, to connect and collaborate,” continues Daniella.

“We are very thankful that our event continues to draw a crowd and grateful to our attendees for taking time out to be a part of TEDxTinHauWomen. Yet, creating an event from scratch is not without its challenges on the sustainability front. We are committed to reducing our impact where we can and step up our efforts each and every year. For example, a couple of years ago we took a stance to remove single-use plastics from our events. Now we always install a water refill station and ask attendees to use more sustainable reusable alternatives,” said Victoria Gilbert on the Sustainability pillar.   

“We have truly embedded the  ‘reduce, reuse,  recycle’  mantra into our planning  – our creative team ensures that they use sustainable or digital materials where possible; we reuse lanyards and the recycle signages from previous years; we work with our community to source reusable/recyclable products and encourage attendees to take public transport (there is a very handy MTR station with direct access to the venue). We feel that this issue requires collective action and everyone has a role to play,” she added.

So what can you expect from TEDxTinHauWomen this year? With a focus on these three pillars, needless to say, our endeavor is to bring you an afternoon to remember at Xiqu Centre, fuelled by dazzling, inspirational ideas. We are busy planning and prepping for this engaging and stimulating event!

So save the date – December 1, 2022, and for event updates follow our TEDxTinHauWomen Instagram,  Twitter, and Facebook accounts and sign up for the TEDxTinHauWomen email updates.

See highlights from our last year’s event here!

Author: TEDxTinHauWomen

TEDxTinHauWomen is the only annual TEDx event dedicated to women in Hong Kong.

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