What it means to be a TEDx sponsor…

The long-standing support from our sponsors including J.P. Morgan and Allen & Overy makes the annual TEDxTinHauWomen events in Hong Kong possible 

While our beloved city, Hong Kong, is slowly distancing itself from the pandemic gloom, we at TEDxTinHauWomen have chosen to showcase ideas that celebrate optimism and spark conversations with our 2021 theme –  “What Matters Now?”. Taking a colourful, illustrative approach to re-emerge, our December 10 event will be held at the impressive Xiqu Centre in the West Kowloon district.

In the last few years, our events have attracted strong visionary speakers, and have garnered support from a variety of corporates, as well as institutions, and have received an overwhelming response from our audience.

In our journey thus far, we are hugely grateful to all of our supporters along the way — big and small — for their contributions in making our yearly event the success it is today.  As the organizer of a non-profit event, we direct sponsorship stipends towards photography and video, renting an accessible venue and curating a memorable experience for our guests. All of this helps us set the stage for our speakers to share ‘ideas worth spreading’. Sponsors such as J.P. Morgan and Allen & Overy – who over the years have title sponsored every single one of our events – make it possible for us to shine a light on Hong Kong’s unsung stories and inspirational speakers.

Our partnership with J.P. Morgan and Allen & Overy, which began in 2017, has generated 5 successful events and provided platforms to 28 passionate speakers who have shared their impactful initiatives with over 1,500 attendees to date. 

Needless to say, that we would not be able to make TEDxTinHauWomen a success without the support of our sponsors. We therefore ask if:

  • women equity is on your corporate agenda
  • you would like to enable the voices of change and innovation
  • you are looking to support drivers of positive social change

If that’s a yes, then we could be the partner for you. TEDxTinHauWomen events not only highlight the contribution of women in Hong Kong, but also provide a safe space for people coming from all walks of life to come, enjoy stimulating talks, discuss important topics and new ideas worth spreading. 

What to expect on 10 December 2021?

This year, we polled our community to find out what you want to hear and the themes of self-care, purpose and perspective came out on top, taking inspiration from the notion that it is okay to feel the way you do and still find it in you to focus on what really counts – health, kindness, patience, empathy, enthusiasm, love and optimism.

This year we plan to return with a bang! and there are a variety of excellent ways to have your brand involved in our regular sell-out event: 

  • Cash sponsorship – packages ranging from HKD5,000 to HKD50,000. All of which include complimentary event tickets for staff or clients.
  • Goody bags for event attendees  – branded gifts, the bag itself, or a bespoke offer.

We are looking to create long-term partnerships, where the TEDxTinHauWomen event becomes a major asset for your company. For further information, please email sponsorship@TEDxTinHauWomen.com  on how you can become an official 2021 partner.

Together we can provide impetus to great ideas that can transform the world and build a socially-engaged community in Hong Kong.

Tickets will go on sale for the Dec 10, 2021 TEDxTinHauWomen event soon, watch this space. 

Learn more about TEDx partners here: https://tedxtinhauwomen.com/partners/2018-event-partners/).

To hear our talks from previous years, click here: https://tedxtinhauwomen.com/watch/

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Author: TEDxTinHauWomen

TEDxTinHauWomen is the only annual TEDx event dedicated to women in Hong Kong.

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