A letter from our 2019 co-chairs, Jen and Daniella

Jen Flowers and Daniella Lopez
Picture taken by Emily Cheng

Wow! Three years of TEDxTinHauWomen in Hong Kong. What an adventure it has been. We were sad to see one of our founding members Stef Myers take a step back this year, but we are happy she has stayed involved with coaching our amazing speakers. We’re also thankful to have a bigger leadership team this year, growing from 3 to 6.

So what should you expect today? An afternoon filled with brilliance demonstrating diverse ways of being bold – and nobody apologising for it.

For 7.5 months our 70- strong committee have been working tirelessly to create today’s experience. Look out for them in the brightly coloured scarves! From Monday night meetings, to mountains of content creation, to securing talented coaches and stylists, to designing the space we are in, and creating a community of partners and advocates, everything you experience here today is testament to the team’s hard work, putting in the hours to create a like-minded community that has ideas worth spreading! For those who have been involved before –  we thank you and welcome you back. For those who are newcomers today – welcome to the family. TEDxTinHauWomen is here to stay and we could not do it without all of you!

A few things to note – besides this recycled paper booklet, we are aiming to be as sustainable as possible. Make sure you check your email for the fantastice-vouchers and visit all the incredible booths and experiences – drinks, food, fun and laughter all await. Today is about you – believe in your strength and ability to make change. As a thank you to the #BoldAndBrilliant team and the incredible lineup of speakers and performers, keep spreading ideas, inspiring others and tell us how we did with a follow up survey too!

All the love – your crazy co-chairs Jen & Daniella

Author: TEDxTinHauWomen

TEDxTinHauWomen is the only annual TEDx event dedicated to women in Hong Kong.

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