Choosing TEDxTinHauWomen speakers

We are changing things up a little this year. Instead of just being able to nominate yourself, you can now nominate someone else. It could be your colleague, your best friend, someone you met at a networking event once, or maybe you have never met, but heard they have an idea to inspire or share. Now you get the chance to help us build our speaker line up, by either nominating yourself or someone else. It’s still a mix of process and intuition. This time we’re able to hear more ideas in a shorter amount of time, relieving a lot of pressure from our Curation committee and speeding up the whole process. 

Fundamentally, we are looking for ideas from our speakers that can showcase women in Hong Kong who are leading scientific breakthroughs or social movements, who can inspire the audience to think in new ways, and who will challenge and educate us through their talk. TEDx gives us an opportunity to showcase our ideas to the world and from the first year we have made it our responsibility to make sure that our program reflects diversity in the line up, both in terms of ideas as well as representation of Hong Kong communities. We look for credible speakers who need a platform and have an inspiring story to share. 

For our TEDxTinHauWomen events we laregly source speakers in a 2-step process

1. Open Nominations [NEW]: This year we are adding a more detailed nomination process where you can nominate yourself or someone else. We have a large and well-connected committee of women with networks throughout HK – business, society, charity, education, parent groups, as well as a great following on social media platforms. Help us spread the word and nominate amazing people in the community.

Find that nomination form here.

2. Open Mic audition process: We actively seek diversity and look for people who fit a certain profile: We want everyone that attends to connect with at least one idea on the stage. So we will carefully go through our nominations and a select diverse group of speakers will be invited to attend the open mic.

You will be notified of the May / June dates if you are selected for the Open Mic.

What is the Open Mic audition?

This is an invitation for us and our community to get to know you.

Set in a casual, relaxed and intimate environment we hope our committee will gain better insights into you as a speaker and into the topic of your TEDx talk. There are no power points – it’s just you, a mic, and a small room full of people waiting to hear your Idea Worth Spreading.

What is the selection criteria?

During the Open Mic process we invite potential speakers to share their idea in a 3-minute slot where a small representation of the committee partake in voting based on three main factors: 

1. Link to current theme: this year’s theme will be announced late May

2. Relevance of the topic to HK and Global Women: to ensure our talks are locally grounded, with international relevance

3. Wow factor: this is quite subjective and gives the Curation Committee a chance to debate the ‘wow’ factors of each idea. Credibility of the speaker also plays a role. We ask ourselves – is it a trending topic (vs overdone and passes), is it groundbreaking, does it bring a new perspective?  

Throughout this assessment process we also keep an eye and close liaison with TEDGlobal so all talks keep to the TED Content Guidelines:

And the dont’s:

• No selling from the stage

• No political agendas

• No religious proselytizing (including new age beliefs)

• Only good science

Speaking at TEDx is more than a simple talk – it’s people from our community sharing a big idea and it’s a big time commitment from the speakers, including professional coaching to make sure the talk is a success. We advise all potential speakers to consider the time commitment. 

Read more about TEDx speaker guidelines here: 


To hear 2022 talks, click here: 

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Originally written in 2018 by Stefanie Myers, former Co-Chair and Head of Curation and Community. 

Updated in July 2019 by Co-Chair and Head of Marketing and Communications, Daniella Lopez, on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

Updated in May 2022 by Head of Curation, Martine McKenna, on behalf of TEDxTinHauWomen

Author: TEDxTinHauWomen

TEDxTinHauWomen is the only annual TEDx event dedicated to women in Hong Kong.

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