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Showing up for your mental health
Dr. Zoë Fortune


Globally, 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental disorder during our lifetime. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and the burden is 50% higher for women. Locally in Hong Kong, 60% of people report stress and anxiety related to their job, and 53% of secondary pupils show symptoms of depression.

Mental health issues affect our ability to engage productively in society, yet research shows only 26% people seek help. This, despite the fact that like many physical illnesses, most mental health problems are treatable. Showing up for each other, ourselves and our families, to educate, support and manage our mental health is crucial for living better, healthier lives.

Dr Zoë Fortune is CEO of the City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong. A global organisation founded by businesses to create mentally healthy workplaces and change the culture around mental health, Zoë helped establish the CMHA in Hong Kong in 2017. A researcher by background, Zoë has led research programmes across various academic, psychiatric, criminology and international development settings. She holds a PhD in Health Services Research from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London. Zoë has won awards for her research work, has published articles in academic journals & the wider media, and is also an instructor in Mental Health First Aid. Zoë also dedicates her time to working on the issue of modern slavery.


Let’s beat cancer – together
Professor Rossa Chiu


At any one time, among every 1,000 individuals, there are 2 persons with a known cancer – and only 50% of cancer patients survive beyond 10 years. New therapies are being developed but many times, survival is only lengthened by months. Dr. Chiu is part of a groundbreaking research project aiming to reduce cancer deaths through early detection. In this talk, she will share her vision for a locally led, innovative solution to cancer diagnosis and how you can be involved to help beat cancer.

Dr Rossa Chiu is the Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemical Pathology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In her work, she develops DNA tests to solve diagnostic challenges. Her ground-breaking research has previously developed non-invasive tests to identify fetal diseases by analyzing small amounts of baby’s DNA in mother’s blood samples. Since 2011, this has led to worldwide changes in prenatal testing practices. To tackle the cancer epidemic, she and her colleagues have been developing blood tests with the goal to identify cancers early, thereby reducing cancer-related deaths.


Why I keep a sex diary (and you should too)
Carmen Yau


All women have a right to express themselves and enjoy sexual pleasure in various forms of intimate relationships. However, most women with disabilities are treated as asexual and denied the rights to be a girlfriend, wife or a mother. In this talk Carmen shares her research, experience and frank advice on how women can be seen and treated as a person to love and to be loved and to express our sexual orientation, identity and desires.

Carmen Yau is a disabled leader in the community of the disabled. In addition to her role as Chairperson for the Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong, she is a registered social worker in psychology, health counseling and social work, and a PhD student of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Carmen is an iconic spokesperson for sexual equality of people with disabilities and women and the founder of “Sugar’s XXX Stories”.


How children can lead social impact
Dr. Joyce Samoutou-Wong


A chance encounter and offer to help a passer-by in Congo led to life-changing consequences – for everyone involved. That meeting led to the healing of thousands through eye surgery and treatment, improving lives and health outcomes for themselves, their families and communities. Showing up starts with looking up, seeing others’ needs and opening our hearts.

Many treat today’s children as passive actors in social change. At best, unengaged, at worst, powerless victims. In this talk, we’ll hear ideas on how parents, educators and the community can support and empower children to impact social change in the world. 

Dr. Joyce Samoutou-Wong is the co-founder of New Sight Eye Care, winner of the Excellence in Ophthalmology Vision Award and Women of Hope Award.  She graduated from Diocesan Girls’ School and received the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award before winning a full scholarship to United World College of the Atlantic (UK). She read medicine at the University of Edinburgh, which was followed by a stint as a visiting fellow at Harvard University. Dr. Wong’s work has been featured globally by international news channels, including a documentary series by Cable TV.


Diving in: The importance of taking risks, being agile and diversity in technology
Verlebie Chan


As digital technologies transform our workplaces and our lives, questions are being asked about how women can benefit and participate in this next (r)evolution. This talk will explore one woman’s journey into programming, how girls and women can find pathways to participate in and drive the development of new technologies, and why it’s important for everyone that gender, diversity and people are central to the future of tech.

Verlebie Chan is a Program Manager for Microsoft in Hong Kong. She joined the tech industry without a technical background and took the plunge to drive code, lead hackathons and sandbox projects. In addition, she is responsible for nurturing programs with startups, academia and communities with emerging technologies like AI, Data and MR and is the lead for Women@MS.

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